Iron construction sector.

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Carpenteria Viganò is a company that has been operating in the iron construction sector for over 50 years. The company is located on the outskirts of Milan and within it there are 25 workers between technicians and producers. With the passing of the years Carpenteria Viganò has increased its production capacity in weights and dimensions of the manufactured articles up to today to the realization of carpentries weighing 200 tons.
The whole constructive process from the development of the project, to the purchase of the necessary raw material, to the activities of cutting the handling and welding assembly up to the tests is carried out internally by direct and qualified personnel.
The challenge continues in creating complex structures of enormous dimensions and weights is a symbol of distinction of Carpenteria Viganò among the largest manufacturers of plant and machinery.
Adria Celik is a 100% subsidiary of Carpenteria Viganò and has been operating in the iron construction sector for 10 years and is located in the Bakar INDUSTRIAL ZONE in Croatia. There are 10 workers working between technicians and producers. While Carpenteria Viganò develops vertically on products that are completely out of standard for weights and dimensions, Adria Celik successfully develops the construction of complex parts of a medium size, achieving excellent performance with the same quality and competence. The technical part, the procurement of materials and cutting activities are carried out in Milan at the Carpenetria Viganò headquarters, while assembly and welding remain the activities carried out by Adria Celik.

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