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Industrial production chains.

Deep changes in the industrial and financial spheres over the last ten years have radically transformed the client-supplier relationship.
We have acknowledged this change and rethought the way we do subcontracting.
Together with the other firms in our group we have created a group workforce and a network of companies to meet diverse needs. Specific and organised chains will be set up for every requirement expressed by the client.

Industrial handling fixing elements:

Equipment, hot pressing, mechanical machining, thermal and surface treatments, mounting.

Control valves assemblies:

Mould manufacturing, aluminum die casting, mechanical machining, impregnation, tightness test, surface passivation treatment, varnishing.

Welded and machined units for drilling machines and heavy equipment:

Gas cutting, welding, thermal or surface treatments, mechanical machining, and varnishing.

Cast components and assemblies in aluminum using sand technologies, gravity or die casting for vacuum pumps.

Mould manufacturing and mechanical machining.

Casings, frames, welded and machined engine crankcases for presses / machine tools

Welded and machined metal frames.

Motorised TBM head unit

Tunneling Machine Federica for Lyon-Turin line, integration of forged pieces, carpentry up to final assembly.