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GSL Export: the subcontracting network


GSL EXPORT was founded in 1991 as a group of synergistic subcontracting companies that combine diversified and highly qualified production activities to become and assume the function of its own Export Manager in order to develop adequate strategies for penetration into foreign markets and manage all related functions and activities.

From the beginning, the Pool had the aim of creating a synergy between the associated companies, so that they could operate as a single SUPPLY CHAIN ​​having the ability to satisfy the most diversified needs.

Today our project is the natural and evident consequence of current market conditions. But then it was an innovative and far-sighted company, especially in the industrial subcontracting sector.

360° experience in the industrial world

GSL Export fully immerses itself in the industrial landscape, embracing every corner with competence. However, his experience is strongly focused on specific sectors, in which he has consolidated deep knowledge and specialized skills.

Industrial transmissions


Special machines


Naval propulsion and steering

Engines and

Earth moving

Machines for
roller cards

Automation and gear robots

Mantle mining


Machines for

Team of experts with an aptitude for innovation

Our production chains


• Cast iron and alloys
• Dust
• Steel
• Aluminum and alloys

Rubber and plastic

• Production
• Services and technology


• Chip removal operation
• Chip-free machining
• Tools and templates

Steel construction

• Sheet metal deformation and heavy steel construction
Machining of thin sheet metal up to 10 mm thick, complete assemblies (laser cutting, punching, welding)and fully machined assembled sheet metal components.
• Heavy welded construction from 20 to 500 mm thick (weight up to 130 t) Calendering, bending, robotic and manual welding (to DIN 3834-2, 1090/ UNI EN 287) Complete assembled units

Political institutions that support us

We develop our international communication, marketing and industrial production activities with the full support of our local, national and continental political institutions.