Officine Meccaniche Bertolini

Precision mechanical machining division: milling and boring.

Via Veneto, 77 – 23018, Sondrio.
Tel: +39 039 2848636 Mail:

We produce: medium and large precision mechanical machining on a design supplied by the customer up to 12 meters in length and up to 4 meters in height. We can handle groups up to 30 tons. We are able to supply complete and assembled groups of industrial machines always on customer request. We can work pieces from solid, forged pieces, castings in steel or cast iron, as well as structures of carpentry up to 4 tons, all finished to design.
We work different types of materials (alloy and non-alloy steels, carbon, stainless steel and others). Below you can find a short list of types of products we work: Frames and casings for presses, boxes for gearboxes, cages for rolling mills, spare parts for cylinders, bases for industrial machines.
In 1950 Bertolini Giacinto started the business by constructing agricultural machinery and cableways. With the cableways, foreign markets (France and Switzerland) were also started. The company developed to specialize in the execution of milling and boring for third parties. In 1992 it was built “Officine Meccaniche Bertolini S.r.l.” and a process of selection of customers and supplies was started in the medium-high precision mechanics. Today we are able to perform machining on work centers as well as offering assembled assemblies and equipment.
Our company policy focuses on quality, understood as organizational efficiency and excellence of the result. Punctuality: understood as respect for delivery dates. We are certified by the Third DNV Organization according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

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