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The Past

The current situation that we are living in Milan can be compared only with the aftermath of the war!
In those days our people found the courage and strength to recover and WILL SUCCEED AGAIN IN DOING THIS.
Duomo Milan after allied bombing (1943)

The Present

The lock-down of all business has created a sense of emptiness which recalls what Manzoni narrated in his “The Betrothed“.
Every day we receive alarming and gloomy news about the trend of cases and death toll, BUT WE WANT TO BE OPTIMISTIC!

The Future

Our community and businesses will rely on their proverbial perseverance and will to tackle this challenge.
 “THERE IS NO FUTURE WITHOUT PAST”. We value this. Our story is the result of the generosity, will, dedication and perseverance of our SMEs.
LOMBARDY, together with BADEN WUERTTEMBERG, RHÔNE-ALPES and CATALONIA have been crucial pillars of the European economy and key players in all international markets.
This should encourage us all to be united and work together towards a, hopefully, prompt recovery.
Thank you for reading this message.
We wish you and your family to be well and healthy
Best wishes for you and your families

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